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A animated explainer video combines the latest techniques of motion graphics, voice-over, background music, sound effects and marketing to describe your product or service in the most creative and appealing way.

It is a powerful tool for advertising and marketing and it is also called animated corporate video, promotional video with character, animated infographic video or motion graphics.


Get a short and eye catcher message

The explainer video should not be longer than three minutes and it should use powerful tools like text animation, colors, voice-over and sounds to obtain all the client attention. The animation artist should get to communique the product features in a very short time to compete with much other information fonts within and out of the digital media. It should to achieve a balance between the video duration and content quantity, to avoid excessive information and a fuzzy message.


Its goal is closing and to increase sales

Like a excellent commercial tool, the explainer video should highlight the product or service features, which satisfy the client needs and tastes. The client should achieve to see in the video that the product reaches your expectation to incite him to buy or to do the first communication from the contact form. The big use of this tool is the major exam to verify it is a inversion and is not a spending.


The message should be emotional and informative

Catching the client emotions, many times triggers the buy decision. In addition to this goal, the explainer video should have a no complex technical content, but detailing clearly the way what the product will reach the client needs.


Charisma and simplicity of the animated characters

The animated characters are a very much useful tool for the explainer videos . They should use simple forms but should have fluid motions and grace to provoke smiles. The character should help for a bearable explication, even in very complex aspects and should catch to client with its charisma.


Revisions in each process step to reach a happy end

The process to obtain the video can be divided in four steps, which are; client request and idea, script text with voice-over text, graphic script and voice-over, sound effects and music. To complete each step, the animation artist gives to client a partial delivery and the client can need some modifications due he knows perfectly his product and trade. It is important to communicate correctly and to agree with the video producer the necessary modifications and improvements before to continue to the next video step, otherwise the modifications will be very complex and they can increment the initial budget.


Balance quality and cost in the budgets

The animated explainer videos are productions which are made in high performance computational system and they can require 5 to 7 work days to two o more professionals for a three minutes product. Many small business and stand-alone video artists ,which have three year or more of experience are capable to produce explainer videos following before said features, with budget from u$d 300 per minute and reaching a good balance quality-cost. A essential aspect to avoid no balanced budget is to contract directly video professionals without middleman.


Without additional hidden costs

Be sure that the price policy is transparent and trust whenever the prices and pay modes are openly published in the producer video web site . Also is useful to agree with the producer a detailed product list with a total price.


A good portfolio implies professionalism

Look the portfolio and experience in business and stand-alone professionals through theirs produced explainer videos . This is a mode to measure three things; quality of delivered product, experience in different products and good relationship with clients.


A customized explainer video

Always I recommend custom made videos to respect colours, typography, design and trade vision. Each product should be clearly differentiated from the competence and it should highlight its particular features. Avoid pre-designed layouts or themes which do not respect before said concepts.


Measure the benefits of this tool

It is important to measure the effectiveness of this marketing tool and to compare the buys and contacts before and after to use the explainer video. So it is possible to view the causes which the explainer video is a tool very disseminated in important web sites.

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